THE IRONIES OF LENT: Midweek Worship at St. Mark’s for Lent

The story of Jesus’ Passion is filled with ironic situations and statements. His enemies didn’t want him killed during the Passover, but that is exactly what happened—by God’s design. The crowd calling for his crucifixion claimed that Caesar was their king, but in truth they didn’t care for the Roman rule over their nation. One of the criminals who was crucified with Jesus for his crimes realized that Jesus had committed no crime and yet was condemned to die.

The ironic words and incidents of Jesus’ Passion history will be the basis for our series of Wednesday evening services during the upcoming season of Lent. This sermon series will be preached by Pastors Schmidt and Strey from St. Mark’s, by Pastor Jonathan Loescher from St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Sacramento, and by Pastor Ronald Waterstradt, vacancy pastor at Hope Lutheran Church in Penryn.

We invite you to our series of six successive Wednesday evening services for Lent, beginning Ash Wednesday, February 10, at 7:00 p.m. Worship on Ash Wednesday will also include the Lord’s Supper. Come early and enjoy dinner and fellowship in the gym starting at 5:30 p.m.