50th Anniversary Gala

From generation

to generation

we will proclaim

your praise.

Psalm 79:13b

School 50th Anniversary

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church is blessed to be celebrating its school’s 50 years of God’s gracious gifts of faith and family. Hundreds of students, their parents, teachers and the congregation have benefited from the school’s loving Christian education. Come join our joyous celebration on the weekend of November 8th-10th.

The 50th Anniversary celebration starts Friday, November 8th, with an Open House Welcome to all alumni, current and prior teachers, and principals at the Rausch Residence. Saturday evening, November 9th, is the much-anticipated Gala Dinner and Auction. A potluck luncheon will follow after Sunday’s (November 10th) 10:45 am 50th Anniversary Service. Detailed information on all these events is available at the school office, church lobby, or by contacting St. Mark’s School Administrator, Stacie Malone, at 916-961-7891 or via email at schooladm@stmarkslutheran.com.